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Association of Secondary Religious

Education Assistant Principals

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The association is made up of members from Religious Institute schools and Catholic Education systemic schools interested in professional development, dialogue and innovation to enhance the authenticity of Catholic secondary schools. 

ASREAP has evolved into a diverse professional association for Religious Education Coordinators; Assistant Principals Religious Education; Directors of Identity, Mission, Formation and others charged with the responsibility for Religious Education and the Faith life of Queensland’s Catholic secondary schools.


ASREAP convenes an annual three day professional development conference, as well as other events to support Religious Education professionals in Catholic secondary schools.

Praying Hands


ASREAP strives to animate a professional network of Religious Education, Mission and Identity Leaders in Queensland. The association is committed to providing support, prompting reflection and sharing wisdom to assist members in developing quality curriculum and facilitating authentic formation experiences in the context of Catholic Secondary Schools.


ASREAP is a professional network facilitated by those with the responsibility for Religious Education and Faith Formation in Catholic Secondary Schools for like colleagues and peers across Queensland.

The association strives to promote innovation, facilitate dialogue and offer professional development, responsive to the demands and challenges of engaging students and staff in the mission of contemporary Secondary Catholic Schools.

We recognise the diversity of experience, support and wisdom each member can offer to the association and value collaboration in responding to the responsibility of faith formation, curriculum development and advocating for the common good in our school communities.

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